Ever heard of a virtual influencer?

by Marie Maveau · 09/05/2022

Virtual influencers are the latest trend in the influencer world, but who/what are they? They are computer-generated characters and have human-like traits, physically and socially. So they look like real people, but they aren’t. Go find @lilmiquela on Instagram, you wouldn’t even notice that she isn’t real.

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How do they work?

Virtual influencers don’t actually exist, but how do they actually work? Well, they are designed and curated by either an individual or a group of individuals, so literally anyone with an understanding of design technology can create a digital avatar. The creators choose everything about them. How they look, dress, act... They even choose who they hang out with and collaborate with on Instagram.They want to be Beyonce’s best friend? Damn straight, they can! 😎

You might think it sounds a bit freaky, but boy do people love it! 🤩 Some virtual influencers have already reached over million followers. So just like ‘human influencers’, brands are going to want to partner with virtual influencers. In order to gain access to a large audience.

What is the difference between real and virtual influencers?

Beyond the fact that virtual influencers are not made of flesh and blood, they are pretty much the same. Both influencers hold a large following and hold status in society. Brands approach both, and both are brands themselves too. The difference is that virtual influencers follow a theme and they stick to it, so they are less likely to create content that has the potential to hurt the sentiments of any community.

Confused after reading this blog? Just go follow the most famous virtual influencers, Lu do Magalu, Barbie, Janky, … and you will see!

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Lu do Magalu

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