The newest Instagram updates

by Pauline Loots · 16/02/2023

Instagram keeps surprising us by adding new features. The latest updates bring even more opportunities for users to connect with others, express themselves creatively, and interact with the world. Get ready to check out the newest updates from Instagram. Your feed is about to get a lot more interesting!

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Add music to your Instagram posts

Feel the vibe with all your Instagram posts by adding music.

How cool is this update? First you could only add music to your stories or Reels, but now you can also add sounds to your stills. Choose a photo in your gallery, pick a song that matches the vibe and let the picture come alive…

Music, maestro!

Mute Stories and posts

If you’re tired of seeing someone’s posts or stories on Instagram, you can easily mute them. It means that you’ll no longer see their content in your feed, but they won’t know (we know, the don't know*).

No shame in needing a break from someone’s content, just hit that mute button.

*Only funny to Friends lovers.


Were you also confused when you discovered this new feature? We got you!

Do any of you remember the nicknames from MSN? Then you will get major déja vu vibes... Notes is a way for you to share your thoughts and ideas with others in a creative way. You can add text, drawings, and images to your notes, making them a fun and unique way to express yourself. You can also share your notes on your Instagram profile. So, next time you want to share your deepest feelings, use the Notes feature!

Schedule you posts

Planning in advance? Nothing makes us happier! (Except for food of course, nothing beats the joy of great food.) This means that you can plan your posts in advance and have them automatically posted at a specific time. This way they will go live when your audience is most active, besides that, it also saves time. Now you can finally have time for more *important* things, like binge-watching shows and eating pizza. 😉