Hawaiian Poké Bowl

by Eva Ketels · 08/07/2020

Looking for a healthy and delicious snack? This case will show you the way! 🌺

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If you’d ask us, Hawaiian Poké Bowl is the definition of a Belgian success story. The team behind the restaurant chain only started off in 2019, and until today no less than 25 locations have opened their doors — in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Hawaiian Poké Bowl is also what we call a ‘love brand’: a company that offers its audience fast but healthy food in a fun and exciting way, without ever acting pedantic. A brand that needs a clear social media strategy that fits this philosophy like a glove, which we gladly provide since January 2021!


The audience we target for Hawaiian Poké Bowl are people looking for a healthy alternative for the fast food that surrounds us these days. The main audience of the brand consists of people between 18 and 30, but of course, Hawaiian's delicious bowls are here for everyone.


Looking at the audience, we focus on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook for this client. Funny trends, catchy videos and authentic influencers are a main focus here, combined with a solid advertising strategy and a very personal community management.


Hawaiian Poké Bowl's channels have been booming ever since we started working on them, with their TikTok channel as the best example. We reach more than 3 million people on a monthly basis, with more than 500 thousand engagements per month on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook as a result.