Sales Representative


is a young, dynamic agency specialized in all things social, active since 2016. We develop the best strategies, create content that’s interesting and fun at the same time and launch the most effective social media ads. We work for clients like Hawaiian Poké Bowl, LolaLiza, Devos & Lemmens, Dove, … and wake up with a fresh look on social media every day.

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We are growing ever since we started and are currently looking for an ambitious business developer. And please note that at WE LIKE YOU, we only differentiate in terms of the quality and motivation you can bring, never when it comes to gender, ethnicity or religion. Are you the one?


  • are experienced in sales and are keen on learning everything there is to know about social media;
  • are a great listener, making you an expert in both advising and selling;
  • and your telephone are best friends, meaning you’re not afraid to (cold) call in order to get a deal done;
  • love meeting new people, think of fun extras for possible new clients and are a “people person” in general;
  • would love to participate in pitches, working together with our team of strategists and content creators to bring an excellent presentation to the table;
  • are an expert in making and giving nice sales presentations, at size of the person or company you're negotiating with;
  • have a first experience with budgeting and making offers, and are structured enough to follow up on a deal from the first contact all the way to the closing stage;
  • like a stable income, but are also motivated by bonuses and commissions;
  • are fluent in Dutch and English, and tu tires votre plan en français as well;
  • are intoxicated by the social media virus and have a passion for digital;
  • are ready for a job where Mondays don’t suck, Savage Thursdays are a thing and cheesecake counts as lunch.

Are you familiar in the corporate field for at least two years, in the possession of a driver’s license and — since you’re reading this — still interested in some good madness? Well, please read on!


  • will offer you a competitive wage with extralegal benefits;
  • are a warm, open-minded and hard-working team;
  • have the nicest offices in Berchem and will provide you with whatever you need for your home office extravaganza;
  • will make sure you will be able to grow, whether it’s “in the field” or through conferences and extra courses;
  • have the best taste in music to brighten up your darkest days and come up with ‘Friends’ quotes for every occasion;
  • are all foodies and roséies (yes, that’s a word) and would love for you to join the club;
  • can’t wait to meet you.

CONGRATS! You made it to the end of this vacancy — which must mean you like us too, right? Let’s get in touch! E-mail us your resume, accompanying letter and five hashtags that describe you the best via We’ll discuss the rest with some hot coffee and Suzy waffles at our offices. Deal?